Time Bank Project

 The Time Bank concept is an example of an alternative monetary system. There is no money (cash) involved; the main aim of this project is to connect people so they can share their skills. It is also a different way to rely on one another, creating a culture of cooperation and trust.

The concept itself was formally introduced somewhere in the U.S twenty-five years ago and since then has been spreading around the world; Ukraine, United Kingdom and Australia are good examples that it really works and it is a great community project.
You may be asking yourself: “what is the Time Bank’s ‘currency’?”. The ‘money’ used in the pro- ject is time. In other words, one hour of help providing a good or service to another earns you 1-hour credit, which is exchangeable for an hour’s worth of help in return. Every hour of work has the same value, it does not matter what kind of service is offered. So anyone can earn time credits! For example, if I need someone to help me learn German, instead of paying someone else for extra classes I can request it from the time bank website. Finding the person, she will get a credit for another service she needs.
The philosophy of Time Bank is founded upon five principles, known as Time Banking’s Core Values:

  • Everyone is an asset,

  • Some work is beyond a monetary price,

  • Reciprocity in helping,

  • Social networks are necessary,

  • A respect for all human beings.
    What is most likeable about the time bank is that everyone has something to share. Knowledge in art, home repair, dancing, food, language, cooking, cleaning up etc...
    It is time to think what is valuable for you and what you would like to share with people from your community. Let us start to get some credits and share our skills. Surely swapping skills will make our lives happier.
    Access Timebank : www.womensgroup.de/timebank


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